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 One intrepid Poke-fan has already datamined the demo for Pokemon RS 3 Gold Sun and Moon, revealing plenty of interesting tidbits of the game and shining light on some of the new Alola forms of Pokemon.Intrepid trainers still out adventuring in Pokemon GO have also kept the remunerative Pokeball industry thriving, despite what many have said about the application slowing to a crawl. It looks like there s plenty of Pokemon out there everyday being forcefully moved into the Pokeball Resorts, and the result is thatPokemon GO is still the fastest earning application in mobile gaming history.

 The application has now made over 600 million dollars for Niantic, which means a lot of trainers are still exhausting their Pokeball reserves at a high rate.What do you think about the insides of a Pokeball, Ranters? Did you imagine it was different than how Masuda described it?Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon are set to release on November 18, exclusively for the Nintendo 2DS and Nintendo 3DS.Source: KotakuImage by Donnie Illustrations.

Europe s PEGI system releases a rating for Red Faction for PlayStation 4, indicating that the game is probably on its way to the console as a port or remaster.Many PlayStation 2 classics have been making the leap to the PlayStation 4 recently, and it looks like one more might be joining them. Based on a new rating from PEGI, the original Red Faction might be coming to the PS4 soon.NeoGAF users have discovered that the Pan European Game Information rating system, PEGI, has recently issued a rating forRed Faction.

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 The Xbox One S has been off to an absolutely flying start, carrying Microsoft to Pokemon Go Level Boost victory over Sony for the third month in a row.Microsoft is already besting its closest rival right now and the company just doesn t need Project Scorpio at the moment to get more sales for the Xbox brand. So, as the saying goes, if it ain t broke don t fix it.Project Scorpio will be released in holiday 2017, but a price has not yet been announced.Source: Phil Spencer \x94 Twitter (via GameSpot)

In light of the shocking death on The Walking Dead, Game Rant takes a look at the most memorable character deaths in video game history.Over recent years, it becoming increasingly difficult to enjoy a gripping shows and movies without grappling with the risk of a favorite character being killed off. Whether it be Game of Thrones or American Horror Story, some franchisesseem to relish in the chance to bump off a beloved character. Indeed, The Walking Dead recently made the mortality of its cast all the more apparent through shocking character death.

However, video game fans may be a little more acclimatized to theearly demise of a character. After all, the gaming community has had to put up with the lives of fan favorites being cut short for an extremely long time. Here Game Rant look at the ten video game deaths we will never forget. Be warned: many spoilers lie ahead.Roach and Ghost \x93 Call of Duty:Modern Warfare 2From the moment that the Call of Duty series was thrust into the modern day with the release of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, it was made clear that the tables had turned when it came to the player character mortality.

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Hopefully, this news will catch the attention of developers who work such events and steps will be taken to ensure a sanitary gaming experience for RS 2007 Gold all involved. Virtual reality still has a lot to prove considering that a lot of gamers still think VR is too expensive, so it s going to be critical for the industry as a whole to come together and make sure stories like this one don t become commonplace.Source: Daily Dot

One fan of developer From Software s incredibly eerie action-RPG Dark Souls 3 models their own Halloween costume after the game s creepy Jailer enemy.Naturally, plenty of Dark Souls 3 fans know that the most recent entry in the action-RPG franchise contains plenty of twisted and scary boss baddies thanks to the talented designers and developers at From Software. So, with Halloween being right around the corner, it would make sense for gamers to use the title as a source of inspiration for costumes to frighten the pants off of anyone who dares glance their way.

Interestingly enough, the Redditor and Dark Souls 3 fan going by the handle Weeperblast recently decided to use the game as an influence for their outfit for the spookiest holiday of the year by making a costume based on the Jailer enemy from the Irithyll Dungeon area. As a matter of fact, the Redditor painstakingly crafted every piece of the outfit himself, with the final tally for his materials totaling out to be $80 in all.As seen in the gallery below, it s obvious that Weeperblast put plenty of effort into his Halloween outfit for this year.

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Even scarier still, manyof the games haunted by terrible luck or OSRS Gold crucial development missteps are among the most popular or anticipated today. It s a difficult business where a single poor decision can hamstring a game for years, and for those looking to see just how scary video game development truly can be, here s Game Rant s list of seven video game development stories that have surely kept those involved up at night for months afterward.Duke Nukem ForeverOur list begins with what could be gaming s biggest example of development hubris.

Duke Nukem Forever was originally announced as the sequel to the popularDuke Nukem 3D, and was poised to capitalize on the success of its predecessors with a bigger campaign and better graphics than the series had ever experienced.Unfortunately,Duke Nukem Forever s development quickly became a running joke instead. After being delayed from 1997 to 2001, 3D Realms announced the game would simply be released when it s done, and 8 years of silence followed before a brief demo was shown in 2007. In 2009, 3D Realms was forced to downsize, resulting in a lawsuit from publisher Take-Two Interactive that the studio never really recovered from.

 TheDuke Nukem Forever game suffered as a result, finally releasing in 2011 after a 15 year development period to a mediocre response. Time had passedDuke Nukem Forever by, and the game is now more famous for its catastrophic development than its actual gameplay.The Last GuardianFor whatever reason,The Last Guardian has had the opposite effect on its fans and studio thatDuke Nukem Forever developers and diehards experienced.The Last Guardian first began development in 2007 as the follow-up effort from Team Ico, the studio behindIco andShadow of the Colossus.

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Those hoping for a little bit of throwbackgaming, however, can play through Pokemon Red Version, Blue Version, or Yellow Version on their Nintendo 3DS handhelds. That, or they can just settle for looking at pixelated versions of the original Pokemon cards in the 3DS Virtual Console iterationof Pokemon Trading Card Game.Source: The Pokemon Company

Those who pre-ordered Pokemon Sun Moon are now able to Cheap RS Gold digitally pre-download the game from the 3DS eShop ahead of its release later this month.The holiday seasonsees big game releases every year, butPokemon Sun Moon are among its biggest \x94 that is, if the game s pre-order numbers are to be believed. Nintendo has claimed it to be the most pre-ordered game in the company s long history and those many, many fans digitally investing early can now pre-download eitherPokemon SunorMoonin preparation for theirreleases.

There are a couple benefits to downloading early. The most significant reason is theability to start playing the game as soon as it s launched. Additionally, preloading the game will provide players with 12 Quick Balls in-game to help themget a head startin their quest to catch em all. Just make sure there are at least 3.2 GB of available space for the download.Pokemon fever has been rampant this year with the coming of this next generation, and Nintendo has been pushing its brand hard; not that it needs an enormous amount of help.

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 Hryb went on to explain that there no right answer: we look at every single opportunity, and go, s this the best for the community and the best use of our money, or would it be Pokemon Go Level Boost better somewhere else, like working on Xbox One S or something like that?' On the one hand, Microsoft s decision making process makes sense as products like the Xbox One S and the Elite controller couldimpact the company s bottom line for a much longer period of time. Timed exclusive DLC only lasts so long, as does the hype for fully exclusive DLC but in making new hardware, Microsoft can get a boost for as long as it decides to make that new kit.

On the other, though, some existingXbox One players say that theywish that Microsoft would splash cash on exclusive DLC more often as they feel as though they re missing out. While the entire pointof exclusive DLC is to attract new console owners, some are saying that as they don t want to buy that new hardware, they d much rather haveaccess to that third-party content instead. As Hryb himself noted, Microsoft is often presented with options regarding DLC, so perhaps gamers will see the company take more of those up in future.

FIFA 17 impresses with its commitment to making changes to a tried-and-tested formula, delivering both in terms of quality gameplay and depth of surface-level content.All too often, it s easy to overlook annual video games sports releases. Sometimes and perhaps rightly so these series have been criticized for failing to develop much from year to year, feeling more like a simple roster change rather than a new game altogether. However, FIFA 17 has made some quite noticeable changesin comparison to its previous versions.
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 Pick one of the robots, hack into it, and then use it to start fighting through the mob of enemies. The goal here is to get to main antagonist Salen Kotch, and then start beating him into submission as a robot. Once Kotch has been incapacitated, control will switch back to Nick, and players are free to confrontthe villain.2. When to Kill Salen KotchUpon approaching Salen Kotch, he will start spouting offone of his speeches. Eventually, the game will prompt the player to click in the right analog stick to initiate a brutal melee killing of Kotch.

 If players wait until the on-screen prompt appears, then it s too late to RS 3 Gold unlock the trophy, and they will have to reload the checkpoint.The trick to this trophy is initiating a melee kill on Kotch BEFORE the prompt appears. Basically, players need to stab him either as soon as Reyes puts the knife to his head, or in the middle of his speech. By cutting off Kotch s final words, players will unlock the You Know Nothing trophy.Some tougher trophies like finding all the equipment upgrade stations and beating the game on Veteran difficulty are sure to test players skills, but with Salen Kotch dead and the You Know Nothing trophy unlocked, they should be well on their way to unlocking the rest of the trophies inInfinite Warfare s campaign.

If there is anyone who still can t decide between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, may we suggest one of these five fictional video game presidents for a write-in vote?Election Day 2016 is finally here and the long rivalry between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will soon be coming to a close. This particular election has been especially brutal, with plenty of mudslinging on both sides and what seems like a new scandalous headline hitting the paper almost every day.But as video game fans,we know that things could actually be a whole lot worse.
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 We don want people to be like, his just doesn make is a character, though, and wee going to go into that more soon.Knowing soon could mean ages in the gaming industry, so Kotaku pressed them once again by askingthem, Like, very soon? To which they confirmed, Yeah, actually soon. Overwatchhas been a beacon of diversity, sporting an incredibly varied roster of heroes of manydifferent nations, races, genders, religions, and creeds.This list only continues to grow with each new character Blizzard reveals, like withSombra who becameOverwatch s first Latina, hailing from Mexico.

 For many gamers, especially minorities, it s comfortingto see characters they can RS 3 Gold identify with.It only makes sense then that LGBT peoplewould like to see a hero that represents them as well and it s nice that this happening. However,it s understandable if the LGBT community might feel a tad insulted to hear that a gay character in particular requires special handling, considering Blizzard included acontroversial Symmetra skinin the game that apparently did not.While the existence of an LGBT character has been confirmed to exist in-game for some time,who that character could be hasbeen a widely theorized, butthere s nothing concrete.

 Zarya is a popular candidate, but it would be a pleasant surprise to find that her stocky build and short haircut does notconfirm her sexual orientation. For all we know she could have a massive crush on McCree like all the rest of us.Overwatchis notorious for keeping a lot of its story outside the game, which includescharacter backgrounds, instead opting for comics, animated shorts, and various other media to contain the bulk of its lore.It appears this mystery LGBT character will come out in one of these mediums and, thankfully, it will be soon.

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Speaking at this weekend s Xbox FanFest in Mexico City, Greenberg discussed the power behind the Xbox Scorpio. This will really bring the most powerful console you ve ever seen, said Greenberg of the console, which will run first-party Xbox One games at 4K resolution. It will bring these really true 4K, really incredible visual games that we ve never seen before on the console. Greenberg also talked about what Microsoft was aiming to bring to bring to the gaming community through the development of the console.

 People who have spent thousands of dollars on a high-end PC are getting OSRS Gold that experience, said Greenberg of 4K gaming. How do we bring that to scale in a console in your living room? That s a big part of what Project Scorpio is about. So far, Microsoft has been very keen to talk about the Scorpio s added power in comparison to the PS4 Pro. Microsoft executive Albert Penello has suggested that the company aspired a little bit higher  through pushing the boundaries of console gaming with the project.

 This has been compounded with suggestions that Sony s console is not true 4K gaming, although Sony has claimed that its forward compatibility plans are not misleading.Of course, an improved resolution is not everything, and there is no guarantee that Scorpio will trump its opposition when it releases in Holiday 2017. After all, owners of the device will also need a 4K television to get the full impact of its added power. That s perhaps why Microsoft has been keen to also promote the flexibility of the console, such as itsXbox 360 backward compatibility.

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Why exactly was Persona 5 delayed then? Remember thatP5 has already launched in Japan, meaning it s in a complete state. That means that the remaining work is left Cheap RS Gold with Atlus USA s localization team. Considering the size of the game, it s understandable that Atlus has plenty of work to do to prepare the game for English-speaking audiences, and apparently the workload was beyond initial estimates. Thankfully some added dev time will allow the technical side of localization to implement dual-audio in time for launch.

One last drop of honey in this sour news is that Atlus is unlocking a premium PlayStation 4 theme for free, as well as an exclusive Ryuji Sakamoto avatar set. It s only available in the Americas for the next 24 hours, while Europe will have to wait until November 24 to get their 24 hours of opportunity. It may not be much, but anything to help make the delay news a little easier to swallow helps.While everyone waits, Japan has been playing Persona 5 since September 15. Dodging spoilers is becoming increasingly difficult, but from all accounts it s excellent.

 In fact, three weeks after the Persona 5 launched, it became Atlus best selling game ever in Japan nearing half a million in sales that should please parent company Sega. Obviously that s not too impressive compared to 3DS giants like Yokai Watch and Pokemon, but for a console-based game in Japan s harsh console climate it s very good news.Persona 5 releases April 4, 2017 on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3.

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