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Epson Printer Error 0x97 is an error which performs when the print head is entirely covered and users are incapable to access the printing procedure. Another cause could be due to Paper jam issues or even may be due to stuck object inside the printer. But we expert team has the most trustworthy resolution to this error and here in this blog you will be directed on how to eliminate Epson printer error 0x97.

Steps to Troubleshoot Epson Printer Error 097

Step 1: Detaching the Power Cable

• We direct users to use gloves to work inside the printer because dispersed ink cartridges inside the printer may get our hands unclean.

• Turn off the printer next and then detach all the power cord as well as the printer.

Step 2: Change the Print Head Machine from one side to another

• With both the hands covered around the cartridge carriage, try to change the print head from left to right, at-least for three times. This should be done by making your hands reach each end.

Step 3: Use Brush to Clean-up All Cartridge Nozzles

• Use the brush carefully to properly clean out all cartridge nozzles that are situated on the right side of the printer.

• In this part ink cartridges are set in rest mode, so move them carefully while trying to take away any jam if found.

• Go to step 4 to go forward with the process of eliminating the Epson Printer Error 0x97.

Step 4: Check Paper Waste by Previous Jams

• Check sensibly whether there is any paper jam problem. If so then, eliminate any such leftover remaining or piece of paper that may hinder the printing operation.

Step 5: Resetting the Printer Error

• If performance all above process do not appears to be working out then, it is suggested to users for restoring it.

Turn off your printer next and then, press all four buttons at the same time

• Stop or even you can continue to “Reset button”

• State the button in “on and off” mode first.

• After let go the printer’s power button, make assured to free all other buttons instantly.

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