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In the second NBA Finals match today, the New Jordans 2017 scored the first triple-double of the Finals career and still plays Curry 4 today. Under Armor Curry 4 shoe body with pure white-based colors, the bottom of the use of gold splashed rendering, UA Logo and SC Logo are also decorated with gold, and finally end with a light blue crystal finish. The new cut design, and integration of the new cortical materials and sock knit design! According to rumors this Under Armor Curry 4 uses a new technology, UA Curry 4 was officially on sale in October 2017, compared to the previous generation to achieve a greater breakthrough in appearance, using the hottest sock shape design, more in line with The trend at the same time upgrade the upper also bring more proper protection for the ankle, fabric material and fine synthetic fiber material spliced ​​vamp greatly reduces the shoe body weight, making it lighter than the previous generation a full about 70 grams ,While not losing the necessary protection; and without any technical midfielder has seemed less than sincere, foot feeling is also a little stiff, but the cushioning of the feedback is good, very suitable for speed-type player speed start.
2017 Air Jordan Shoes is already curling up with the Curry 4 during the 2016-2017 season's finals and will help lead the Warriors to win the championship. In addition, the exclusive More Magic color of the China line wins the national prize with the dazzling colored ripple upper Wide acclaim fans. The Slamonline today released the Under Armor Curry 4 "Black" details of the picture, this pair of road color .Under Armor Curry 4 and home platinum color contrast, the shoe body with a low key black color, the bottom still use white rendering, SC Logo also embellished with gold, UA Logo is a black pattern design, the end of the light blue crystal finish. In today's era of cushioning technology to "soft" fight, UA has maintained its own "hardness."The new cutting design, and the integration of new cortical materials and knitted socks design, it seems to give a feeling of soft and light!
Kyrie 3 For Sale familiar with the series know that they are by no means the kind of "foot on the" sense of foot, but neat sense of the venue and a solid cushioning. Compared with previous generations, Curry 4 has done more targeted cushioning. First of all, before and after the palm of the gap is relatively large, forefoot affixed to a sense of fullness, neat to facilitate rapid start and change, and then the palm is relatively much thicker. There is a feeling of relief soft cushioning. This sense of foot, not like the couch in the middle of the distribution of science and technology so average, but more targeted, for the light speed-type players, more effective. Curry Curry 4 is, although not soft, but enough. Comfort, Curry 4 to Xiaobian feel the deepest experience. First of all, this is the first time I've seen 43 yards of shoes that I have been able to handle for the first time since I've been through these generations of Kulian boots. Description Curry 4 boots larger space, and more forgiving foot. Although the soaring shoe ankle is difficult to penetrate, but once worn into, are the perfect fit. In addition, the Curry 4 shoe ankle has a circular fit with the design of the ankle.
Over the years, various brands of Jordan Sneakers 2017 have had this design can often be difficult to really fit the ankle. Curry 4 is impartially attached to my ankle, as if an ankle is as close as possible. So in terms of comfort, Curry 4 definitely can afford a high score of 9.5. Curry 4 "first leg" feeling is fit, and then it is light, 329g weight, almost can be included in the ranks of featherweight war boots. And even more surprising is its stability, the midsole design is broad and stable, coupled with stable support, I believe that everyone will like this feeling. The downside is that cushioning may not be as soft as the mainstream style today. Lightweight body, for the weight of the players, it is not suitable. However, for speed guards, and sensitive players, Curry 4 is definitely a good choice. In the first "Moe God" pro-exposure, it has recently brought a group of Under Armor Curry 4 photos of detail, the body of the shoe to pure white-based colors, the bottom of the use of gold ink rendering, UA Logo and SC Logo is also decorated with gold, and finally end with a light blue crystal finish.

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