Puregold Offers First Payment Gateway Using Cryptocurrency Supported by Gold from Nolerush's blog

Gold’s relative scarcity, portability (can be carried in small bars, coins or jewellery), and great demand in industrial applications, make it a highly desired commodity. The technology behind cryptocurrencies plays the driving force for fast, secure and transparent transactions. The digitization of gold solves the century old issue of gold’s portability, as the blockchain makes the process quicker and easier helping to protect one’s gold, slashing expenses, and allowing the asset to be moved effortlessly bitcoin payment processing api across borders, all the while shielding gold investment from theft and loss. On the other hand, transaction processing for cryptocurrency against fiat based goods is practically non-existent. This is an unsatisfied demand across a cryptocurrency capitalization that has already surpassed US$150 billion.
People will be able to store, spend and exchange gold cheaper and in a more secure environment than what is available now in traditional banks or fiat currency. The Gold Commerce Platform will be the decentralized core that interlocks the restricted financial world we bitcoin receive payment api live in today, with a futuristic gold economy with limitless and borderless opportunities. Most of the technology for this financial revolution already exists: Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Alipay; the world’s biggest banks and payment platforms have already installed more than 42 million contactless payment terminals throughout the world (a number that is growing rapidly).

As cryptocurrencies are slowly making their way into the mainstream financial system, several payments gateways are experimenting by integrating digital currency payments into their system. One of the key reasons is that the blockchain technology allows for bitcoin payment api php instant payment transfer at reduced costs and with better security over many of the existing systems.

The company has also created an interactive website/storybook explaining Bitcoin in an easy manner. Also, note that Square will not be the first app to offer commission less trading. Popular stock-trading app Robinhood announced last week that it will be launching its crypto trading app to its users to buy and sell digital currencies at absolutely no fees. The company is said to have more than 1M people on its wait list which shows that the demand bitcoin payment processor is still strong for crypto trading even amidst the recent market correction. 
With more players entering the crypto businesses for making it easy for users to trade in cryptos and at a reduced cost, the competition is sure to get intense bitcoin payment integration in the coming days and exchanges which are currently sitting on huge cash moolah will have a run-for-their-money in the coming times.

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