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NBA Live Mobile (NBALM) released on Apple iOS and Android devices, and I've enjoyed the application. It's silly to compare the graphics, gameplay and features of a mobile game to that of a console title. Thus, I'll try not to discuss how NBALM stacks up against NBA 2K16—or even the console version of NBA Live. I can definitively say, NBALM offers more enjoyment than the series was able to produce for fans on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One.NBA LiveMobile Coins Quite obviously, the standards are different for mobile sports games. Users aren't likely to expect visuals that are photorealistic. Also, playing on a touch screen isn't yet at a point where it is as intuitive as an analog stick or buttons. All those things considered, NBALM offers the most complete experience from a mobile hoops game I've ever played. Overall, NBALM is a game I'll be playing on my phone whenever I'm not able to play on a console. For a guy who is primarily a console gamer, that's the best compliment I can give.Cheap NBA Coins