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A tour operators typically combines tour and travel components to create a package holiday. They advertise and produce brochures to promote their products, holidays and itineraries. The most common example of a tour operator's product would be a flight on a charter airline plus a transfer from the airport to a hotel and the services of a local representative, all for one price. Niche tour operators may specialise in destinations, e.g.

Italy, activities and experiences, e.g. skiing, or a combination thereof. The original raison d'être of tour operating was the difficulty for ordinary folk of making arrangements in far-flung places, with problems of language, currency and communication. The advent of the internet has led to a rapid increase in self-packaging of holidays. However, tour operators still have their competence in arranging tours for those who do not have time to do DIY holidays, and specialize in large group events and meetings such as conferences or seminars. Also, tour operators still exercise contracting power with suppliers (airlines, hotels, other land arrangements, cruise companies and so on) and influence over other entities (tourism boards and other government authorities) in order to create packages and special group departures for destinations that might otherwise be difficult and expensive to visit.

The three major tour operator associations in the U.S. are the National Tour Association (NTA), the United States Tour Operators Association (USTOA), and the American Bus Association (ABA). In Europe, there are the European Tour Operators Association (ETOA), and in the UK, the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) and the Association of Independent Tour Operators (AITO). The primary association for receptive North American inbound tour operators is the Receptive Services Association of America (RSAA).

So you are about to join the ranks of the many expats shanghai life? While a fascinating time awaits you, expat life in China can be challenging for newcomers to the country and its culture. Let InterNations guide you through what to expect of Shanghai, from transport to health and education! Living in Shanghai has often been romanticized in Western and Chinese popular culture alike. The glamorous Shanghai of the 1920s and 1930s or the Japanese occupation (1939-45) has particularly captured the imagination of many an author and movie maker.

It is the birthplace of internationally renowned artists such as British writer J.G. Ballard or Hong Kong film director Wong Kar-Wai. Both spent only their childhood years in Shanghai. Nonetheless, their best-known works (The Empire of the Sun; In the Mood for Love) focus on life in Shanghai during World War II or on exiles from Shanghai living in Hong Kong after the city came under Communist control. Quality of Life in Shanghai In the Mercer Quality of Living Study 2012, Shanghai ranked 95th and in 2014 it, once again, did not make it among the Top 50 cities. As China’s industrial and financial center, Shanghai is struggling with problems typical of life in other Chinese megacities, especially Beijing: environmental problems like smog, water pollution, and noise, as well as overpopulation, traffic jams, and a housing shortage. However, living in Shanghai is relatively safe. Pickpocketing, panhandling, bicycle theft, and financial scams are the most common crimes. There’s little violent crime against foreigners, though it does occur sometimes, specifically in clubs and bars in the nightlife districts.

Also, in September 2013, on two occasions, Westerners were stabbed while walking in the Wai Tan area. Shanghai remains the glitzy “Paris of the East” in many ways. Among the top 10 most expensive cities in the world for expats, according to Mercer 2014, is a consumerist Mecca – which seems slightly ironic if one considers the city’s more recent, staunchly Maoist past. The cosmopolitan atmosphere of life in Shanghai includes a vibrant nightlife and a huge arts & entertainment scene. Driving in Shanghai Owing to the huge size of the city, commuting to work or school is an integral part of living in Shanghai. If you are lucky, you live in an expat-oriented compound providing you with a shuttle service to international schools or important traffic junctions. Executive expatriates might have use of a company car with driver.

Due to the maze of streets, the recurring traffic congestions, and the soaring accident rate, it is preferable not to drive yourself as a non-local living in Shanghai. However, if you settle in Shanghai’s quieter neighborhoods, you could even “go local” to some extent and buy a bike for short distances. If you are still going to brave China's roads yourself, you should take a look at our Extended Guide article on driver's licenses and traffic in China, for information on Chinese roads, as well as rules and regulations. Shanghai's Bus Network

Draft Champions: 3 Best Positions to Draft Superstars

You have to be strategic in the Draft Champions selection process. Madden Mobile Coins You must think, "what position should I draft that gives me the best chance to win an online Madden game?" The NFL is a quarterback driven league and Madden has kept up to date with this trend. With Draft Champion games set to 5 minute quarters and 20 sec. running clock, you're going to need to throw the ball to move it down field in a timely manner.

The first pick is your head coach. Your second pick is a selection between three QB's who are typically all around the same skill level. So who should you make sure you have from the third pick and on? Game play shows that stacking the positions that affect the passing game will serve you the best. Here are some of the best to positions to make sure you plug with superstar talent.

This is a crucial position to have a superstar at because you're going to need to push the envelope to be victorious. There are far more passing plays than running plays which will be helpful to keep the defense on its heels.NFL Coins sale Having wide receivers who can stretch the field can throw off a defensive game plan and keep the opponent guessing. Every possession is crucial in online play so converting on 2nd or 3rd and long is a necessity.

Whether you go for speed or physicality in your WR draft choices just make sure it fits your play style. If you don't have any receiving weapons the defense can stack the box and watch the clock wind down.
Just as you would suspect being able to slow down the passing game is just as important to shutting down your opponent as having a good passing attack is in the first place. You can either stack your team at S, CB or as recommended a combination of the two positions. Every tipped ball and third down forced increases the odds of you getting the ball back unscathed.

Having superstars at Safety can help break up big play attempts and even ball hawk downfield, while having a superstar at the Corner Back position can help you slow down the routes of receivers and buy more time for your pass rushers. Can you guess what the final position here

Shanghai business news,Big-ticket investments in China's property market have fallen off along with slowing economic growth. But in Shanghai, the country's financial capital, a few bargain hunters are starting to make deals.

In the latest, a private fund run by Singapore-listed ARA Asset Management last month purchased a 20-story office tower in Shanghai for 2.85 billion yuan, ($448 million), according to property consulting firm Savills.

ARA China Investment Partners, whose main investor is U.S. pension fund California Public Employees' Retirement System, purchased Platinum Building near Xintiandi, a popular entertainment and shopping area. Its tenants include McKinsey & Co. and Standard Chartered Bank.

"The softer market sentiments in China now are throwing up interesting investment opportunities, which would otherwise not be in the market or demand high asking prices," said Ng Beng Tiong, assistant group chief executive officer at ARA Asset Management. ARA and Calpers declined to comment on specifics of the deal, citing confidentiality obligations.

"China's long-term economic and real estate fundamentals remain attractive for smart, long monies," said Mr. Ng in an emailed statement.

The last time ARA - which is backed by Hong Kong billionaire Li Ka-Shing - purchased a real estate project in mainland China from an unrelated third party was in 2013. In November, Hui Xian REIT, a real estate investment trust under ARA's umbrella, purchased a mall-and-office project in the city of Chongqing from property developers Cheung Kong Holdings and Hutchison Whampoa, which are also backed by Mr. Li.

In the third quarter, real estate investment deals in Shanghai between institutional investors totaled 16 billion yuan, up 59% from the previous quarter and from the same period a year earlier, according to data from Savills. More than half of that came from Hong Kong-listed Link REIT's $1.07 billion purchase of two premium office towers from Shanghai-based developer Shui On Land in July.

Investors still show appetite for stable investments in what are known as first-tier cities in China, meaning Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Guangzhou, which have stronger local economies and more-resilient housing markets. But it may take a while for China to become the darling of investors again. The world's second largest economy grew 6.9% in the third quarter, the slowest rate since 2009.

Among a ranking of destinations of cross-border capital for commercial real estate, China has lost of some of its luster in the past two years.

China attracted $4 billion of foreign capital for commercial real estate in the first half of 2015, ranking it number 13, down from its 10th and 8th position in 2014 and 2013 respectively, according to data from CBRE Research and Real Capital Analytics. During first six months this year, the U.S., ranked No. 1, attracted $222.4 billion, property consultancy CBRE said in a recent report.

shanghai business news,On a recent trip to Shanghai, tourist Cao Yue had two sites on her itinerary: the city's new Disneyland and a green mailbox.

The pipe-shaped green China Post box at the corner of Zhongshan Dong Yi Road and Hankou Road doesn't look special. But since April it has drawn streams of young travelers like Ms. Cao and become a hot topic on social media.

"On Weibo, I saw the mailbox was hot," the college student from the southern city of Changsha said after her boyfriend snapped her in a careful pose - her right hand touching the top of the box and two fingers of her left hand in a V-shape.

"I just want to join the crowd," she said.

Boyish heartthrob pop star Lu Han sparked the trend in April when he tweeted a photo of himself posing next to the box while striking the now widely copied pose, which also includes his right leg crossed behind his left. The nighttime photo of 26-year-old Mr. Lu, who also wore a black mask over his face, quickly got over a million likes on Weibo and sent tourists swarming toward the box.

China Post's Shanghai branch quickly embraced Mr. Lu's expression, even if the former Korean boy band sensation never provided an explanation. Since his surname means "deer" in Chinese, the post office affixed a pair of yellow antlers atop the mailbox for his birthday. They didn't last 24 hours, disappearing mysteriously before the following daybreak. China Post initially blamed the city's urban management department, stirring controversy into the trending online topic.

"Even the urban management office's uncles are jealous of the mailbox's beauty," China Post's Shanghai branch said in a post on its official Weibo account written as if from the mailbox's point of view. "But as an international internet celebrity, this baby isn't going to easily die and will come back eventually."

Three hours later, the post office clarified its message: "After an investigation, the urban management office's uncles perhaps did not remove the antlers, and we are looking into the details of the removal and working on negotiations to let the beauty reappear."

The postal bureau didn't respond to questions. The urban management department couldn't be reached.

For many Chinese tourists, a visit wouldn't be complete without posing at just the right place and in a prescribed way, like positioning to hold the setting sun or propping up the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Spots touched by greatness often become magnets. After Chinese President Xi Jinping dropped in at a Beijing steamed bun restaurant, selfies published online suggest his meal was widely copied. The copycat photo trend took on lurid dimensions last year in Beijing when visitors took selfies in front of a store where a couple had videotaped themselves having sex in a changing room.

Madden 18 Week 3 Player Ratings Update: Winners And Losers One of the best parts of playing Madden is the ratings updates.mut 18 coins for sale EA releases updated player ratings on a weekly basis, and the pros here at Madden School are keeping you in the know with our player ratings breakdowns. Part of staying competitive as a Madden player is knowing the players. Every season, we see our fair share of ratings disappointments (see Cam Newton from ’17). Likewise, we tend see a few surprise breakout players who boost their ratings astronomically. As is the case with every ratings update, there are some winners and some losers. Today, we’re breaking down the Madden 18 week 3 player ratings update.

Here are our winners and losers from the most recent Madden 18 player ratings update. It’s only week 3, so we don’t want to get too excited, but there are a few players we expect to see on the rise week in and week out in the player ratings. Of course, the success of the team plays a big role in an individual player’s Madden rating. Most times, players from winning teams tend to see their ratings go up, and this season is proving to be no different as most of our winners come from teams who had a strong showing the week before. Geno Atkins saw his rating jump up two points from an 89 to a 91 overall. madden nfl coins Two points is nothing to sneeze at when it comes to Madden ratings.

How many of you would like to see your favorite team’s quarterback or top wide out jump up two ratings points? No difference here with Atkins given his pass rushing and run stopping abilities. Atkins is certainly the best defensive player on the Bengals squad and he definitely deserves a rating in the 90’s. The hike in his overall rating comes on the heels of a two sack performance against the Houston Texans and Deshaun Watson. The rookie running back was one of Madden School’s late round rookie to watch for in Madden 18 to start the season, and we can all see why after the first couple of games this year. Tarik Cohen’s overall rating jumped a whopping four points overall after the first ratings update, and he gets another small boost this week as he goes from 77 overall to a 78 overall. If you like using the Chicago Bears, then you’re definitely enjoying Cohen’s all around offensive explosiveness and playmaking ability. He’s also a great compliment back to the Bears starter, Jordan Howard.

Based on 218,600 votes cast by shanghai life readers and users of, the fifth iDEALShanghai Awards honored a total of 81 winners in 26 categories during a ceremony last Friday at the Shanghai Grand Theater. The awards celebrated readers’ favorite luxury, business and designer hotels, serviced villas and apartments and gourmet and fashion brands. Hotels from the cities of Hangzhou, Sanya, Suzhou, Wuhan, Chengdu, Xiamen, Ningbo and Nanjing were also recognized. All the winners are recognized for their unique merits, their quality service to customers, setting an example in their own industries and, more importantly, making a great contribution to the service industry in Shanghai and China.

The iDEALShanghai Awards, launched in 2012, aim to celebrate businesses and venues that have a close relationship with the city and its people. So, instead of a professional jury, the awards are chosen entirely by the public. The iDEALShanghai Awards are also a platform for introducing Shanghai and China to broader audiences and drawing readers and the newspaper closer together."This year was very historic for us. We had very diverse shows, not just family shows but we went into sports events.

We had the first NHL ice hockey game, an amazing NBA exhibition game with the Golden State Warriors and Minnesota Timberwolves and another inaugural sports event in the UFC Shanghai fight night. We also hosted the Alibaba double 11 countdown and the Victoria’s Secret fashion show, so we are just standing by our aim of becoming the busiest venue, not just in China but in Asia. Our focus for next year is more sport, now that the Chinese government has invested heavily, as well with the Winter Olympics coming in 2022. It was very good to win the award as the Fashion Landmark of Shanghai. We’ve been partners with Shanghai Daily for a long time.""Mandarin Oriental in every destination around the world is known for its legendary service. No matter how many new hotels enter the market, it doesn’t change our focus on creating a customer service-driven culture among our hotel team in order to keep our leading position among China’s luxury hotels. In addition, we shall continue to offer our guests world-class dining experiences, presented by two of the region’s most exciting chefs — Tony Lu from Shanghai and Richard Ekkebus from Hong Kong. Shanghai is an ever-changing city and there’s a hugely exciting new development at Harbour City, right on the doorstep of Mandarin Oriental Pudong, Shanghai.

Jessica Chastain initially struggled to relate to Molly Bloom,concerts the former ski champion and “Poker Princess” hostess to the rich and famous at Hollywood’s most exclusive high stakes card tables. It wasn’t until Chastain met Tinseltown’s goddess of gambling, as part of her research into playing Bloom in upcoming biopic “Molly’s Game,” that she began to understand the high-rolling impresario’s motivations.Bloom was destined to follow her Olympian brother Jeremy into elite level skiing, until an injury brought a halt to her dreams and she turned to poker. She earned a fortune hosting illegal gambling for Hollywood stars like Leonardo DiCaprio and Matt Damon, as well as politicians and Wall Street titans, taking eye-watering stakes from her illustrious clientele, fueled by cocaine.

Bloom claimed to be making US$4 million a year, but things fell apart when she insisted on a cut of the pot, rather than just making a living from tips, which pushed activities into organized crime. Her dealings also came to the notice of Mafia mobsters, who began demanding their own share, before one of her games was raided by FBI agents and all her possessions were seized.“To understand how she got trapped by these people, this was hard and I think I was guilty of some judgment,” Chastain said. “We as a society have fallen into a pattern of blaming women for things, the way they look, dismissing them, shaming them for revealing their bodies. I had that before I met her.” Chastain, 40, nominated for a best actress Golden Globe for her turn as the hostess, said she came to see Bloom as “a creation from this patriarchy” who did what was necessary to “be visible, to be heard” in a man’s world.

“It comes from her childhood. Her dad made it clear that he made the rules,” the actress said. “She would have to follow them until she makes her own money. So she goes for an industry where she feels she can get that liberty.” Valued for her discretion and able to earn millions of dollars a year at her peak, Bloom was privy to some of the darkest secrets of the rich and famous.The movie does not name or represent any specific personalities, but Bloom’s 2014 memoir shocked Hollywood with its tales of A-list poker parties.Charmed by Ben Affleck, “he’s nice to everyone,” she said, Bloom was less impressed by Spider-Man actor Tobey Maguire, describing him as “the worst tipper, best player and the worst loser.” Chastain, who already has a Golden Globe for “Zero Dark Thirty” and two Oscar nominations, has been a vocal proponents of the #MeToo social media campaign against sexual assault, set up after Harvey Weinstein was hit by more than 100 allegations of misconduct.Sweetly-spoken but iron-willed, the graduate of prestigious New York performing arts conservatory the Julliard School says she learns her lines methodically until they flow “like music.”

fifa 18 moedas The keepers have been kind to me recently with a high hit rate being achieved. Lukas is another I am very confident on after he picked up POTW in German, achieving the highest score possible from Kicker after making six saves in a 2-1 win over Werder Bremen.

Leighton Baines – LB – OVR 82 It looked like Everton were heading to yet another defeat, trailing 2-0 to Watford in the 64th minute but they showed real character to miraculously come back and win 3-2. Baines was back on set piece duty with Rooney being subbed and rewarded the Toffees with a goal and assist.

Azpilicueta – CB – OVR 85 The first of numerous SIFs to make the cut for me this week is Azpilicueta. The Spaniard continued his impressive season against Manchester United were he assisted the only goal of the game in Chelsea’s 1-0 win. We have seen numerous big-name PL matches have players shoved in and thus I can’t see this one being overlooked.

Dani Alves – RB – OVR 84 The first of two PSG players I have opted to select from their 5-0 win is Alves. The Brazilian picked up an 8/10 from L’Equipe which for a defender usually sees you in. He was awarded the eight for two assists alongside his efforts to keep the clean sheet intact.

Kylian Mbappe – RW – OVR 83 The obvious choice from PSG comes with Mbappe, of whom was the stand out player in their 5-0 win over Angers. The French wonderkid scored two and assisted another, picking up an 8/10 from L’Equipe for doing so.

Paco Alcacer – LW – OVR 79 It doesn’t seem to matter who Barcelona play in their front three, they just seem to perform. It was Paco’s turn to excel this week, scoring both their goals in a 2-1 win over Sevilla.

Nabil Fekir – CAM – OVR 82 Although it turned out to be the correct call it was difficult to ignore Fekir’s brace last week. So, when the Frenchman repeated that during Lyon’s 5-0 win over St Etienne I had to include him to make the side this time around.

Kevin De Bruyne – CM – OVR 89 KDB seems to get in for very little each time but if anything, that just shows how much he does for City. The Belgian performed in a big game once again as City recorded a 3-1 win over Arsenal. The Belgian scored the opener and went on to claim

A few more “Unpredictables” than normal this week with nine players missed, but that’s perhaps more down to EA’s own selection choices than our predictions. monedas fifa As always there are big names and big confusion inside, so read on to find out who we missed from TOTW 8, and why we missed them. Lets go!
Bertrand Traore – RW – Lyon

Aaron went for Fekir in his TOTW 8 predictions, and after two goals last week and another two this week that made a whole lot of sense. But instead EA have selected Bertrand Traore from Lyons huge 5-0 win against St. Etienne. Traore grabbed a goal and an assist for the predicted Fekir in what was Lyon’s fourth win in a row in Ligue 1.

Aaron’s View: I opted for Traore’s teammate, Fekir. Once again, EA felt it was too soon for a SIF, and similarly to last week, they decided to opt for the next best thing instead.
Dani Parejo – CM – Valencia

Speaking of teams inform, Valencia are absolutely flying in La Liga with their seventh straight coming last weekend at home to Leganes, who have been over achieving themselves. Danny Parejo opened the scoring on 13 minutes, and was Valencia’s all-round star man on the day to pick up his first IF of the season.

Aaron’s View: Just the one goal to his name, but with a 3-star rating from MARCA, Parejo was always a valid option. It was between him and Kevin De Bruyne, and I went for the wrong option this week.
Mats Hummels – CB – Bayern Munich

Bayern successfully navigated their most difficult away game of the season at Dortmund with a convincing 3-1 win. The goals came from Robben, Lewandowski, and Alaba, all of which could have been selected. The IF, however, is awarded to Hummels, for no other reason that he’s a very good centre half it seems. No clean sheet, no goal, no assist. Very tough to predict, but a great IF for FUT 18.

Aaron’s View: A big game between Dortmund and Munich always has IF potential, and Hummels was named MOTM. But with 0 goals, 0 assists, and no clean sheet, I think this IF is pushing it a bit.Read More

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