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Ariana Martin Jul 27 '17
Hi Friends, I have used Roku Support device, but I have facing the some issues, I don't know how to fix the problem of connecting Roku Com Link to the home network. Any one Roku Help me, so please tell me.
Pam Harrison Jul 27 '17

f you want to connect with Roku Com Link To your Home networks. You have to follow below steps.

1. Login to your router:- You enter this IP address directly into your web browser same as you would a website. **NOTE some people actually enter web addresses into Google, and then navigate that way. This won’t work. Enter the IP address directly into the browser’s Location or Navigation bar at the top. This will take you to your router’s login screen. *NOTE sometimes the router’s default password is “password”. But it’s possible that your password was changed during installation. If you don’t have your router’s password, contact your Internet provider.

2. Once logged into your router, navigate to its DNS settings. My guess is that if your Roku Link Code isn’t working, it’s because rather than an external IP address being used for your DNS, the router is set to use an internal IP address.  for more details.