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No case is too big or too small.

The Rodriguez Law Firm is a small group of experienced and passionate immigration and criminal defense lawyers. The Rodriguez Law Firm has earned a reputation for tireless advocacy and effective legal representation. No case is too big or too small. We will take your case if you need us. We want to make a difference and we always make it our mission to fight for you and for the protection of your rights. If you are looking for an experienced law firm that is not afraid to take on state prosecutors or immigration officials Cheap Manuel Wintzheimer Jersey , then call us at 858-279-5200.

Our Fighting Spirit

We fight to win for all our clients. It is our mission to stand up for the rights of people and for their families when their immigration status is affected by criminal charges or the threat of deportation. The entire staff at The Rodriguez Law Firm treats each client as a family member by making sure they get the personal attention they need to process their immigration documents, fight their immigration case in court, or against criminal charges that could result in a jail sentence.

Mr. Rodriguez believes in providing a more holistic and collaborative style of representation for his clients. We start by getting to know exactly what our clients want or need from us. We make sure they are involved and never left in the dark about how their case is progressing. We always make time to explain how we can help and to answer any questions or concerns that our clients may have.

Dependable Service and a History of Results

Our dedication and commitment to each of our clients since 1997 is the reason that many of our former clients continue to recommend us to their family and friends. We are committed to each of our clients and their unique needs. No client is considered just another case at our firm. We aim to please and we will treat you with the respect and dignity that you deserve when you put your trust in us.

We understand that the outcome of an immigration case or criminal conviction can have a devastating impact on the client’s immigration status or liberty. Many immigration or criminal laws are complex and can easily create fear and uncertainty for many people. Our experienced and compressive knowledge of the law will help you. Our expertise and reputation will make a difference. Tweet

It feels like every year cars and trucks become more expensive. For that reason, remembering the various techniques for staying up on your auto servicing is becoming more important all the time. It only takes persistence in a few facets of car maintenance to ensure that your automobile will get you around much longer. Here are 14 useful tips about auto maintenance suggested by Neil’s Finance Plaza.

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Apart from checking your oil, Neil’s Finance Plaza gives the tip that you must always get an oil change as frequently as the vehicle’s owners manual prescribes. In addition, a number of mechanics claim that when you put more miles on in-town, you’re auto will be better off in the long run if you get an oil change more regularly. The greatest difficulty of an oil change is simply being diligent to get it done. But, keeping up with your oil change will give your auto’s engine a lengthier life.

The next important item on Neil’s Finance Plaza’s car care list is your tires. If you haven’t bought a pair of tires in the last year or two Cheap Leo Weinkauf Jersey , you might be surprised. They’ve gotten pretty pricey. That’s why it’s imperative that you consistently make sure they are inflated properly, examine them on a regular basis and rotate them at least once annually. Maintaining your tires, however easy to forget, can help save you a bunch of money in the end.

How often do you hear that “low brakepad” screeching noise when you push the brakes? Preferably your brakes should not wear to this point, but Neil’s Finance Plaza stresses that you don’t let your auto’s brakes wear beyond this point. As a matter of fact Cheap Kingsley Coman Jersey , Neil’s Finance Plaza advises that you service them before they start making that noise. If they’re are making an awful sound it’s probable that more damage is going to occur.

Engine fluids are the topic of Neil’s Finance Plaza’s next auto care tips. Without realizing it, your car could be leaking a vital motor fluid such as anti-freeze. You always want to check these fluids on a regular basis to circumvent a significant breakdown. Regular flushing of fluids will help their systems run more efficiently and longer.

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