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<P>Wood is widely used in various areas especially outdoor building, the habit of people use wood enduring nature stems from it has some advantages, can't ignore the fact is, however, in the natural environment, the wood is easy to corrupt, color, bug eat by moth, and because the growth stress and natural damage, usually exist some natural wood defects, such as wood scarring, twill, cracks and other issues.</P>

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<p>In the modern society, how to give full play to the advantages of timber itself and avoid its drawbacks becomes an important subject.Thankfully, there are now Chinese enterprises can be perfect in Europe and the wood plastic composite production process realize perfect representation on the appearance and performance, and orders, in use can be better in European and American products, in a modern society no. A lot of outdoor views reveal the new prospect and application value.The wood or related materials that exist in the market are mainly embalmed wood, heavy bamboo, carbonized wood, etc. Wood - plastic materials are the kind of environmental composite materials that have emerged in recent years.What is wood plastic?It is a combination of waste or low value of plant fiber, plastic, and some functional auxiliaries, and the performance of the product perfectly solves the defect of the wood in the outdoor environment.Because wood - plastic composite materials have a great advantage over pure natural wood, they can be used for at least 10 to 15 years.</p>

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We have developed a new generation of wood plastic products, which is a great breakthrough in the market for wood-plastic composite materials.This material has more advantage, because the fusion higher-end technology and means, in the ordinary course of wood plastic composite surface coating, polymer modified engineering plastics have played better protection, prolong the life of wood plastic composite longer and better performance.In doing so, it's like putting a piece of wood in a piece of armor that allows it to last 25 years longer, and it's not an industry innovation.In this kind of new green environmental protection building materials market, before we had a lot of experiments for quality verification, this period of related activities, and the application of products on the market, after all, indicate that the new green village of wood-plastic material relative to the aforementioned anticorrosive wood and other related products, has an irreplaceable advantage.

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