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julieaddis Feb 23 '17
Blackout USA  One of the first things that a patient diagnosed with cancer does is find out the cancer survival rates for their cancer. Whilst this in itself is not necessarily a bad thing. It is only part of the story, any cancer patient has to learn how to survive the cancer statistics rather than learn how to survive the cancer. It is a normal human reaction to want to know whether or not your type of cancer is typically easier to cure when compared to other types. However it is not necessarily helpful because your doctor can only predict the future based on a national average which is by knows means your future.

The survival rates for cancer can be terrifying and misleading as well as downright depressing. It is easy to see why some people give up and do not get their full treatment options explained; therefore they cannot utilize their full range of options. It is one of life's constant ironies that at a time when you are at your lowest ebb you have to be extremely positive.

Not all cancer survival statistics are frightening some are extremely heartening. For instance the five year survival rate for prostate cancer is ninety eight percent. Which in effect it means is that out of every hundred people who contract prostate cancer, at whatever age and whatever stage of the cancer ninety eight of those will be alive and well five years later and two will be dead.