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Brand new attacking features in FIFA 17 should make scoring goals so much easier

EA look to be going all out with FIFA 17 - there's a certain hype around this game that the others just didn't have.So far, we've been told it will be using the flashy Frostbite engine, been introduced to an all new career mode , and, the best bit so far... Buy FIFA 17 Coinsyou can now take throw-ins without giving the ball away . Ground breaking.And in EA's latest video, which you can watch above, there are now even more ways to score in FIFA 17.FIFA 17 Coins Xbox OneThanks to Anthony Martial, we can now score with low drilled shots (on purpose) as well as by heading the ball down.But the fun doesn't stop there, chaps. New passing techniques such as threaded through balls give you another option to get in behind the defence.And, finally , the 'keeper can now throw out the ball and clear the opponents team striker.
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