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FIFA 17 reveals the BRAND NEW FEATURE we've all been waiting for - finally!

FIFA 17... AHHHHH! Are you excited?!!?!?! We are, if you couldn't tell... And, now, thanks to the sneak peek we receive from the video above, there's even more reason to get hyped up. We're not talking about the fact you can now fully customise the way you take free-kicks and penalties, either. Which looks totally awesome by the way.FIFA 17 Coins PS4We're talking about FINALLY fixing the most annoying, controller smashing, aggravating and heart crushing problem from FIFA 16 and all previous generations.Yes, you can now take throw-ins without giving the ball away.FIFA 17 Coins Xbox OneYou are now able to move your player up and down the touchline and even fake-throw to distract your oppenent.
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