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Dino Dini's Kick Off Revival Review - FIFA 17 has nothing to worry about right now.

The Euro 2016 football tournament has just finished and that means excited football fans will want a new soccer game to keep them occupied until the start of another Premier League season,FUT 17 Coins the release of FIFA 17 or Pro Evolution Soccer title.And this retro title is aiming to not only cash in on excited football fans but also older gamers who remember fondly the original Dino Dini games on the Atari ST in the early 90s.Sadly, it's a disaster.This top-down 8-bit style soccer sim should be all about fun, fast and fluid football.But I've got another 'F' to throw in too - frustrating.Because the controls on Dino Dini are awkward at best.fifa 17 ultimate team coins And at worst the sensitivity of the ball and player movement is virtually unplayable.The game is also full of glitches.
  • Created: Jul 14 '16
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