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Environmentally Friendly Cooling Tower Water Treatment Chemicals?

Cooling towers have been in the news a lot lately. ALways on the search for the best water treatment solutions, many building engineers and facilities management professionals have been anxiously awaiting ASHRAE Standard 188 to be officially released so that they can get more guidance (and see the implications) regarding the need for proper cooling tower maintenance, cooling tower disinfection and how to kill legionella in a cooling tower.

When it comes to cooling tower chemicals, there is no one size fits all solution; but for the right situation there is one option that is proving to have many significant advantages over the competition. Enter the EcoSafe Solid Feed System for Cooling Towers powered by Smart Release?. The EcoSafe Solid Feed System is doing for cooling towers, what rubber tires did for the automobile industry – making them safer, 6419-19-8 more efficient and easier to maintain.EcoSafe is a full water treatment feed station for cooling towers that features specially designed feeders and chemicals that eliminate the need for liquid chemistry. The major difference between EcoSafe and traditional solid feed water treatment options is that EcoSafe’s scale and corrosion inhibitor tablets are truly dry (not a paste), they do not require mixing and are engineered to offer many eco-friendly advantages over traditional liquid water treatment including reduced toxicity. In fact, while you may be hesitant to plunge your bare hand into a typical drum of liquid corrosion or scale inhibitor, you could easily hold a handful of EcoSafe inhibitor in your hand… these tablets are less toxic than Asprin; and they do not require pH altering additives to stabilize their chemistry.
  • Created: Jun 21 '17
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