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FIFA 17: Career Mode Needs A Massive Overhaul

How long has it been since the FIFA gaming series was able to wow everyone with Career Mode? Ever since FUT turned into a success, EA has been focussing too much on the online gameplay rather than offering something new in the single player Career Mode. I sure hope that I'm not the only one who feels this way. It just hurts so much to play the same thing over and over again despite paying for a brand new FIFA game on an annual basis. EA really need to overhaul the single player mode and there is no better time to do so than in FIFA 17. Cheap and fast FIFA 16 Coins on fut16shop . The upcoming title must offer a more immersive experience in the Career Mode like turning your rise as a manager into one that is full of dramas. Being a manager requires you to get recognition and your performance in the game will have a verdict at the end of every contract. Of course, I have tons more ideas for FIFA 17's Career Mode but the above is the least that EA can offer. We have FIFA 17 coins to sell. The bottom line is that FIFA 17 must improve on the single player experience instead of just repeating what is offered before. Wouldn’t you agree?
  • Created: Jul 4 '16
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